MG Car Club South Cape | Pictures | Karoo Tour 2010

1. Three deaf mice
2. Brian briefing the participants on the Karoo Tour
3.Dennis Dunlop's B that ran it's bearings!
6. The Ferrari f430 arrives at House Martin
7. The organisers B and Tony's Cooper S
8. We had a couple of Mercs on the tour. Here seen at Meiringspoort
9. Tony led some of the group up to the waterfall
11. Bunny and Jan on the way to the waterfall
12. Ferrari and Aston, Meiringspoort
13. Lined up at the Waterfall, Meiringspoort
14. Lionel's talk - most paid attentionwhilst Jenni admired her toes!
15a. Our hotel in Prince Albert
15b. A number of MGs participated
16. Our transport for the Swartberg Pass tour
17. Our Chinese taxi for the pass tour!
18. In the Swartberg pass 2
19. Swartberg pass 2
20. Swartberg pass 3
21. Swartberg pass 4
22. Swartberg pass 5
23. Swartberg pass 6
24. The whole group at entrance to the Hell pass
25. Top of the pass into the Hell!
26. In the Swartberg pass 1
27.Swartberg pass
28. The Secretary's  Cooper in front of the Lord Milner Hotel, Matjiesfontein
29. From the top of the Lord Milner Hotel in Matjiesfontein
30. Matjiesfontein - from the hotel battlements
31. The famous bus after our guided tour! 5 minutes worth!!
32. Straight 8 Chrysler and Tony who drove it as a 17year-old!!!

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